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Don’t be Late to the Party!

The clock is ticking... We would hate for anyone to have fomo!

Picture this: It’s the biggest Halloween season of the year. The pandemic *finally* took a chill pill and you have lines wrapping around the corner and down the block. It’s a mad house, orders are flying in from left and right, people are bombarding you with questions. Business is back and it is going to be a HUGE year, but you suddenly start to feel that something’s not right. Sweat starts to trickle down your forehead and you start remembering that you DIDN’T place your orders on time! You start thinking there must be some sort of mistake. You wouldn’t be unprepared for what’s expected to be the biggest, back to normal, Halloween ever! (Right?!) You finally get to your stock room to check your inventory and....there’s NOTHING!

Relax, it was just a nightmare. We would hate for anyone to have fomo (fear of missing orders) 😉 , so grab these new styles before they are all snatched up! With plenty of new arrivals ranging from the classics to the latest trends, everyone is bound to find amazing pieces. No one wants to be late to the party, so don’t miss out on our hot new styles and place your order today!